Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

John - John

I enjoyed the the experience of learning how to stay safe on the road

Amber - Good Course

It was a good course.

Timofey - Great

Course is simple and you can pause at any time and get a break.

Brooklyn - very helpful

I learned a lot, thank you.

Shana - Aaron- Great course

long but very helpful and informational

Chau - Nice experience

This course is very informative and useful

Eleanah - Eleanah - TLSAE Course

Awesome!! Lots of reading but ensures you pass the exam.

Jessy - Very easy!

This course was great in so many ways, very easy to follow through and the exam explains to you the correct answer if you answer wrong which also helps you understand the questions better

isabella - good course

it was really long but the info they gave you was very important and helped me pass the test easily

Tai - Thank you.

This course was very informative and educational.

Rehan Mobin - Rehan

Simple and easy

Zachary - TLSAE Course

Great course. Explains everything very well.

Amelia - GREAT!


Cedrick - Great course

Thanks for providing a great workable course it's schedule friendly

Kennedy - Florida Traffic Law And Substance absuse copujrse

good course

Montana - Amazing

Awesome easy got job done

Tashay - TLSAE


gabriel - nice

very nice

Ryan - perfect

cheap, easy to use. Every time i wanted to come back in it was easy. All the information i needed was given.

Lyric - substance abuse course

great education and test

Gabriel - Quick and Helpful

One step closer to being on the road thanks to this course.

Mayah - test

very good

Yolaine - Great course

Very simple and well explained.

alley - First time driver in Florida

Getting my license for the first time The course was long but  informative different helps that they have the reading option for those who have ADD that really came in handy having the course read to me


easy, affordable, reliable and complete. no need to know more.

Lavonne - Very helpful

I have learned a lot about drinking and driving. Ver helpful

kameran - drug and alcohol test

very useful

Fayth - Amazing

Helped me pass and is easy to use

Jessica - Good

Thank you

Alden - Drivers course

Very useful!
Passed first try and loved the flexibility

Danielle - Florida Drug and Alcohol Test

The text and test were both very simple and straightforward.  The text was thorough and explained everything in great detail which made the test easier.

avril - fl traffic law substance abuse edu course

fairly easy course

Abigail - drug and alcohol course

very educational

Wilfredo - Understandable

It was fairly easy to understand.  Definitely recommend

Dana - Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

The test came super easy because the text was very thorough and actually made sure you read all of it.

Raheem - Raheem Review

It was a great experience and very easy to use. I learned a lot. It was also very truthsworthy and I had next to no issues with it.

Manuela - awesome experience

I never write reviews but I'm very happy with this course because I spent 100$ on another website and they took all my money and failed me 3x tests because of an issue. This site is serious and I highly recommend it to you.

brandon - drug and alcohol

great course

jake - review of traffic law and substance abude

The course was simple and easy to navigate gave all the information needed to pass the exam and was very helpful in going over information and being able to go back and review course subjects.

Jorjina - Drug and Alcohol course

I loved this course. I was able to complete it in one day. It was quick, simple, and easy.

Arturo - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

This very well put together and covered all important topics to ensure safe driving all while being affordable and convenient!

Gerald - Interesting

I'm 64 and actually learned a couple of things. Overall, I'd say it's a good course. Couldn't use volume because it is too slow and distracting. ADHD...

Pavani - TLSAE course

Very nice customer care. cleared all my doubts and helped throughout the process of registration. Definitely recommend NHSA.

Addison - Course review

Best course, very helpful.

Carol - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education

It was a easy course that was easy to get done.

Kamilly - The best driving service


Fausto - Best driving learning service I have found.

I searched all around the web. 
& I could not find a better website then this one.
Took me a day to get my TLSAE certification.
Recommend it to anyone trying to get their license.

MA. Veronica - Course

Fantastic Course. I helped me throughout the whole time and get me my certificate!

Aliara - FL Traffic Lase Substance Abuse Education Coura


Chase - course

passed first time

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