Jad - Jad -Drivers Ed

Great information, very beneficial.

James - Drivers ed

This course was a very beneficial way of underlying the basics and importance of driving. There are really bad drivers out there and I believe this course could change that.

haley - Lots of good information

I like that this program lets you work at your own pace.

Kaylee - Drivers Ed

This course was a good way to learn the basics of driving. It helps you understand everything you need to know about driving and being safe.

Christa - Good Experience

I actually love this course. after the past year of having this class i have grown an emotional attachment. i will miss having this course on the back of my mind 24/7. thank you guys for everything <3

Mark - TX Parent Taught Drivers Ed + Permit Test

Fast and easy!! :)

Amanda - Fast and easy

Good course 👍🏼

Amber - very informative

liked it a lot went into great detail learned a lot

Yusuf - excellent!

very simple course, and informational videos to learn from!

Amiah - Drivers Education

I thought this course was awesome.

Gena - Gena

I thought the course was great got to learn a bunch of new things and the videos were good too.

Kaylin - very good !

this course was amazing and it helped me learn so much !

Bryanna - drivers ed

this was an amazing course, we had no problems whatsoever with it.

Vaughn Aidan - Teaching me everything I need to know

Thank you to everyone that helped in making this. I am very grateful for you guys, and I will be responsible on the road

Kelise - good

I like that this program lets you work at your own pace.

Syble - Pauline- Excellent

It was so easy to do of trying to receive my license. I would recommend this program to other friends. Just needs updates on videos, due to being old school.

Lyndon - Great

Very informative and efficient with questions after most sets of information.

Christle - Very in depth

Actually taught me what and what not to do

Brian - Good course

I learned many different aspects of driving that I didn't know I needed.

Amanda - Great! but..

Very good, informative course and helpful as a young driver. But it is very outdated and I feel like with the changes in our modern world a few things need to be updated. :D

Patrice - Thank you

Thank you for helping me complete my driving test and learn the proper way to drive.

Makenzie - Good

It was good and very informational. It took a while but it was very helpful.

George - Decent Course

Could update the homevideo examples, some are very childish, and not as serious as the topics as they try to convey. Some are also very distasteful, the editing of certain scenes describing victims of accidents almost glorify their tragedy, and the same could be said for the unnecessary camera zoom ins of crying survivors/families/friends. Overall good program, just needs to be updated.

austin - Austin

Amazing i learned so much

Anton - Amazing!

Seriously the easiest and fastest way to get your license... i would highly recommend this program to any of my friends :)

William - Parent taught driver education cousre

This course educated me to be a skilled and educated driver thank y'all

Zoei - Great Course

Helped me learn in more ways than one, learned everything i needed to know and then some.

Crystal - Hannah: Good Course

This course taught me everything I needed to know plus some!! It knows how to cater to all learning types. I liked to listen to the audio while reading along which helped solidify the information.

coryn - Coryn - Informative Course

Perfect to understand

Kofi - Kofi -This course thought me a lot

This course help me to better understand the rules and regulations of the road. Much love to Safe Way.

Heather - Good Course!

It taught me all of the basics I needed to know and it wasn't overly boring :)

Kristy - Great explanation and easily done

I absolutely loved the course, it's super easy to navigate and explains each question super well. I would most definitely recommend this to all people wanting to get their license.

Krista - Course Review

Easy to use, and very informational.

Guy-Darlington - Course Review

Easy to use, very compact and gave me a good experience overall.

Christopher - Parent Taught Drivers ED

It was great.

Roy - Very Good

10/10 Recommend this course because you can complete it whenever you can.

Paulina - Pau- NHSA

This site made my permit and license course insanely easy. I recommend it to all of my friends who are trying to get their license too!

Osias - Great site

student was able to do course at his own pace. review as he pressure.

Angel - Texas road way administration

This was a good course.

Maria - Excellenet Resource and Class

This course was very helpful and user friendly. I highly recommend this course for future teen drivers.

Leemol - NHSA Drivers ED Course

This was an easy program that was very educational, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Jana - It Was Great!

I personally enjoyed this program, it worded things very well; and, I was able to understand the road laws much better with this program! Definitely recommend to all.

Natalie - 10/10

It was super easy as well as being easy to learn and work through.

Kenneth - Feedback

I feel that it is slightly outdated, other than that it is beneficial and enlightening to issues that a driver could experience while operating a motor vehicle.

Monica - Max-review

Extremely productive and helpful format that made it easy and effective to learn.

Aleah - Awesome

I really like taking this course it was a struggle at first but then I got the hang of it and finished it just like that. Amazing course that helped me understand things I thought I knew but I didn’t.

Nancy - Drivers Ed Course

It was exactly what I expected.

Willow - Willow-Super good

It’s was easy to learn everything you needed to know

Jeremiah - Good job

Made it easy to learn

Bertha - Drivers Ed Course

A long, informational course

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