Product reviews for California Drivers Ed Online

Xavier - Xavier - California Drivers Ed Online Course

Excellent course. Very imformative

Elijah - Course Review

Easy to follow and nice to be able to be so flexible.

Jason - 5 start

Awesome course, definitely recommend if u are a new driver.

Morgan - Good

It was good. I liked the text-to-speech but I think that the videos were sometimes too long. I liked how I could do it on a walk, in the car/bus, or anywhere else! The mini-quizzes after each reading were also helpful to retain info :)

Lilyan - Amazing!

This course was not stressful at all. It has great instructions and it explains everything perfectly!

macenzie - loved it!

very very informational course, taught me a lot and gave me the bigger picture of things, I highly recommend this course for any beginner driver like myself :)

Jesse - course reveiw

very flexible easy course

Evie - Evie-review

It was helpful!

madeline - course review

it was very informational!

Samantha - Great

It was very self paced and that helped me fit it around my schedule. I also learned many helpful things.

Kevin - Good


Tenaya - driving

it was a great course

Kristen - Great

no complaints

Anthony - good

it was the best course!

Michael - Nice course

It was nice that it was self paced and that it included videos.

Michael - Nice

It was nice that ks was self paced and that there was videos to also explain stuff.


I did a different course before this and it took to long and sucked I did this one and finished it in a day.

Raymond - Drivers Ed Course

I slacked on this for a month straight, guys it's not that hard. I was really pleased with the layout and how they present it. Definitely a recommended course.

Daniel - good


Alani - Alani- Amazing,Great,Easy

Easy to work with

Kristy - amazing

this was an amazing course and extremely helpful

Gavin - Great

Easy to learn and not very time consuming

Clayton - Awesome

I liked the course, it was at my own pace and allowed for easy learning. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends.

Estrella - Great

It was very educational and quick.

KAREN - Kevin - Good

It took a little long to complete but when I did I had learned quite a few things about driving and a little extra things.

Axel Fernando - really helpful

it was very educational

True - Great course

I enjoyed the fact that this course had constant interaction and that it talked about more components than just the car.

Juaquin - Good


Cary - Cary

It was good

Race - Very good

This is very strait forward and easy to use. the real along made it so much more barrable to do this

James - Nice

Course was pretty nice, and much better than most other courses I've seen or done.

Kimberly - Great

Good course

Danielle - Helpful site to use

This site is very helpful for teens that want to start their driving process. Highly recommend the experience and learning capabilities from the courses provided.

Conner - my review

it was good could have been a little better

Madison - Great Course

This course was very educational and went super smooth for me. I definitely would recommend this course to others.

Jocelyn - Very cool

this website for driver ed is really cool and applies more for teens to learn how to drive. some of there commentary is funny too appealing to the younger generations humor.

Ta'Riq - Drivers Ed Online Review

This course helped me learn the rules of the road and many other factors that I had no idea applied to driving. 10/10 would recommend.

Ava - Great course

I really loved this, super easy to go through and fun throughout the way

Amanda - Good

I learned so much helpful tools like the 3-second rule. This course definitely helped me mentally prepare for my future driving.

Tillie - Tillie-Drivers Ed

Easy and Quick- didn't take much time at all and could easily take in the information

Desirae - Good and Educational

this program taught me what i needed to learn in a good timely matter

Grant - Review of Drivers Ed

While there are some things that feel tedious, such as learning the history of the car, or the inner workings of the car, this course covers and stresses the importance of driving safely and calmly, and is repetitive in a good way. It’s a long course but the website and layout is set up well!

Jeffrey - Jeffrey- Informative and Quick

It was very helpful and simple to understand while taking the classes, I highly recommend this course.

Amirali - Very helpful

Helped me out a lot and taught me a lot.

Blanca - Driving Classes

Very easy to keep up with and help remind you the ansers

Damien - Self Paced

Helped me learn at my comfort and time

Elena - Great Course

I was unable to take Driver’s Ed. at my high school because the first COVID-19 wave shut down my school the week before I was supposed to start the course. I wish I had enrolled in this course earlier because, though there were some issues (the videos in this course often wouldn’t play, likely due to the fact I was on a mobile device, which is probably not what this website is meant to run on) and the information felt repetitive at certain points, I learned a lot and feel much more confident about being able to get a learner’s permit and conduct myself behind the wheel.

Alena - Alena


Christopher - Christopher-Easy and Quick

It was quick and easy.

Destiny - Destiny-Educational and Quick

The questions weren't difficult and the text was easy to understand. Was able to learn important things about driving. This course was very worth it.

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