Product reviews for California Drivers Ed Online

Denyse - Educational and awesome

I feel Confident in my ability to responsibly Share the road with others.

Frank Daniel - Driver’s Ed review

A great online course that is quick and informative

sri sahasra - review

it was fine

Keanu - I Finished

Great course learned a lot didn't take as long as i thought it would took about a month, tells me what i did wrong and right i was able to learn from my mistaes and ended up learning a lot from his thank you drivers ed

Karen - Karen - Course Review

I would definitely say there is a lot of reading to do but it really prepares you and has good information that is extremely helpful!

kloie - Kloie-coure review

very helpful tells me what I did wrong and explains with definition of what  it means

Lisandro - AMAZING

Very easy, and got to learn things i wouldn't have learned with a person telling me things about driving

Dakota - Lots of very good info

Full of tons of important things i never would have thought to be on the test, but here were many things that strafed so far and seemed too irrelevant. Great experience though! I’d recommend this over many courses because of the price and value.

Savannah - It was good

I enjoyed doing it, it just took me forever

Natalie - course review

Very informative and helpful

Jackson - course review

It was great I liked how it was formatted and I feel I learned compared to others courses.

lina - drivers ed student review

I loved the drivers ed course I found it very helpful in passing the final exam I was able to pass the final exam first try thank you very much in the learning process I now feel very capable of being a safe and aware driver.

Zayden - Course review

Great course and very helpfuk

Riley - Course Review

I breezed through this course including the understanding of the different responsibilities that are to come with having a license. 10/10 scrumptious

Shae - Course Review

It's a lot of reading, and its boring, but it works.

Yunxi - Course Review

Effective at its job

Anna - Drivers Ed Course Review

It was easy and straight forward, a little tedious a times.

Natalia - It is a great!

It was great to get it quick and easy for my certificate for my permit. It involved a lot of reading and videos.

Samuel - Course review

The course helped give me a general idea of how to drive and what to look out for on the road.

Sophia - California drivers Ed

This was full of great information and helped me feel prepared for my permit test

Jordyn - course is so good

it was super easy, I love how'd they told me what the right answer was if I got the answer wrong in which making the final test super easy.

Ashley - Course Review

Easy to finish and informative

Isabella - Good

It was a good tool. I enjoyed how it told me what was wrong and told me why.



Armando - Fast quick easy

Was very nice reading throught the informative text and was pretty fast

Alexia - Alexia-course review

It was understandable and helpful

Addison - I DID IT!

This was fun to learn and I feel prepared!

Isaiah - Isaiah- Review

Very helpful and easy to do if you put your mind to it.

Rodney - Fantastic

this course was very easy an helpful

Jacob - Course Review

Very helpful and tells you what you did wrong rather than making you go back and read the entire thing again. Very good!

Landon - Wonderful online course

Thanks for having such a great online driver's education.

Kayla - course review

very easy if you are a quick learner

leonel - good and easy

a lot of reading but its good practice

Osha - Nice

Very good

felicity - Drivers Ed Review

It’s decently easy, and i liked how they’d give you small amounts of reading at a time, then a question or 2 after.

adam - Drivers ed

Very good and learned a lot

Christian - Good


Vanessa - Vanessa - Online Drivers Education Course Review

It wasn´t hard to complete but you do have to read a lot. Overall, I liked this program because it was easy to follow.

Laila - Course Review

Easy task to accomplish, though there is a hefty amount of reading, it's overall pretty good!

Melina - online drivers ed

definitely a lot of reading but helps a lot.

Benjamin - Good course

After taking the course I felt prepared for the test. It had an easy to follow structure. 10/10

Hailee - good and easy

good and easy

Lizbeth - Lizzy - Drivers Ed

a lot of reading but it’s worth it

Joseph - Joseph


Alexander - National Highway Safety Administration

It was a great program, very easy, and filled with lots of useful and insightful information.

Bailey - AWAOME

Amazing love it

Clara Victoria - Drivers Ed

I learned a lot about driving.

diamond - Awesome Course!!!!

I learned So much, never felt smarter!!!!!!!

Elliott - drivers ed online

pretty easy but a lot of reading and took a while.

Leticia - 10/10!!

It was pretty easy because the quizzes actually matched up to the stuff we read about!

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