Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

megan - Good Course

Very good information

Rashod - Defensive Driving

It was an easy and simple way of learning the rules of the roads.

Charon - Must do

This course is a great refresher especially if you have been driving a long time.

Nick - Excellent

That was a good course!

Kenya - Great!

I made my 13 year old sit with me to listen. Great course.

Yarely - Yarely - 6 Hr defensive driving class.

Very detailed and love how short and straight to the point the questions are. Def recommend taking.

Emmanuella Favour - 6-Hour Defensive Driving Class

This class was very thorough and educational and I passed with an A. Love the self-passed learning as well!

Lizeth - Perfect

Easy to complete. And afforadable.

Hasauni - Defensive driver scores

Great and fast

Gabriel - Defensive Driving course

Very straight forward

Shanteria - Shan- Defensive Driving Course

Very user friendly!

cherno - very easy to under and helpful

It taught me a lot that I though  I knew which I didn't. adn I'm greatful.

Belinda - Defensive Driver Course

The course is very detailed! You will definitely learn something new!

Anjuanje - Defensive Driving Course

During this course really learn a lot more about how important it is to be safe in road

AL - GA Defensive Driving

Some of the videos could but updated to currently times.  Other than that, the Course was excellent.

Jada - Great !

easy program 10/10

Elvira - Excellent


Kyle - Very helpful

I took the course for a speeding ticket I got, I did not think I would get much out of it but it was actually very informative.

Kelan - Great course

This was a great course review. I learned a ton of useful knowledge from taking this course.

Rodney - Easy to understand and follow!!

All the material was interesting and easy to understand. The test was fair and stayed with the material.

Caroline - Georgia Defensive Course

Great materials and informations

Rhonda - loved it

I absolutely loved doing this class on line it saves time and was easier to understand

Loraine - It's worth it

The course is very informative and serves as a great reminder of the rules on the road that may have been forgotten over the years.

Jacoby - Jacoby - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Very , Smooth and easy

Rhonda - Great Course!

The material is very thorough.  I enjoyed watching the videos related to certain situations.  Makes you pause and think about your responsibilities as a safe driver.

Ethan - Ethan - great course

A comprehensive, clear and easy to follow course. Impactful and necessary!

George - Great Course

A comprehensive, clear and easy to follow course. Impactful and necessary!

Nicole - Georgia Defensive Driving

Great course. Very engaging and easy to comprehend.

Travis - Long Course

It was very informative

Portia - course review

very long but worth it

Ashickie - Course Review

The content was well put together. There were rules for Georgia I did not know but taking this course has helped me learn the rules and to apply them.

Jaylen - Jaylen- Defensive Driving Course

Very easy to follow and very informational!

Christina - Christina - Defensive Driving Course

Great course—very user friendly, useful, and informative!

Miranda - Great, easy course!

Super easy course to follow and didnt take up my whole day! Now, hoping the court accepts it... they said as long as it was certified, so I have my fingers crossed!

Dawna - Defensive Driving Course

Very user friendly to navigate through the course module and the content was very informative.

Edwin - Defensive driving course

It was very helpful and also i did learn more things in need to do while driving on the roads now

Robin - Defensive Driving Course

This course was a great reminder of driving rules that are safe and I highly recommend it for drivers who are new and seasoned

JT - Awesome Sauce

Way better designed than Joshua's law, or any other state-mandated program.

Shon - Defensive Driving Course

It was very straight forward and very informational.



Macie - Awesome course

very informative and worth the time. I am very thankful for this course.

Malachi - Amazing course

This course has taught me a lot and I learned a lot of things they I did not know about the road. I learned that you also have to be more aware of others a lot on the road. The course was amazing overall.

patrick - Defensive Driving

very informative fast and easy

Spencer - Defensive driving course review

I enjoyed taking this course. Very useful

Charles - Charlie

The course was really up to date with todays time and I learned a few things I did not know

Kaden - Kaden- Defensive Driving

Very helpful

Mathew - Mathew

loved it very useful

zyindiah - defensive driving course

it was well, I learned a lot. doesn't really take a lot of time to finish.

Kevin - Informative, quick, and easy to use

This is the best option in my opinion for defensive driving courses. It was cheap, fast, user-friendly, and taught me a lot about safe driving practices.

Dominique - AWESOME


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