Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Margaret - EXCELLENT

Took the entire course in one sitting. I did find some of the information informative and would recommend this course. It is a good refresher, and I will save money on your auto insurance.

Kyle - Excellent course

I have been driving for several years, this cours taught me that you are never too old to learn more when it comes to driving.

Matthew - Review for insurance

The texts provided and test was good and easy to navigate.

tashika - great

I   was able to go my own pace. Ive been driving for years so it was very helpful.

John - Good and affordable

very clear descriptions of the laws. Extra focus on Georgia laws. This course was easy to follow, engaging, informative and it was at my own pace. All drivers should take this.  A lot of good information.

LaSonyia - Good Course

There was lots of useful information included in this course. I appreciated the videos to help break up some the information provided.

Cheryl - Georgia Defensive Driving

Refresher since I've had my driver's license for a very long time!

Francisca - Informative Course

The course was very comprehensive and easy to follow. Thank you for this opportunity to improve my driving skills

Mariana - Mariana-Defensive driving review

great defensive driving course. I learned many things.

Prisana - Good Course

The course covered all of the required topics for defensive driving.

James - Easy to use

Very inspiring and easy to use I'll recommend anybody to give it a try

Sharif - Defensive Driving

The course was easy, and informative. Some things I learned from being a CDL driver other things were new. It’s very informative and user friendly.

John - High Quality

Well put together. High quality program.

Ramey - Northwest Georgia

Very comprehensive, recommend to all drivers.

RICHMOND - Georgia Defensive Driving Course review

I enjoyed the course and understand the importance of driving safe on the roads and highway.

Anthony - Curso muy importante e interesante

Bueno para aprender a conducir conscientemente y saber todo lo necesario para se responsables al volante

Benny - georgia divensive driver course

Thorough course on driving safety and tactics. The roads would be safer if everyone was required to review this material.

SCARLET - I loved this course!

Course was great! Very thorough and easy to understand. I liked how each topic and slide was broken up into smaller bits so it wasn't long and overwhelming. The writing was amazing and it kept me engaged.

Joshua - Defensive Driving

This course was easy to follow and very informative.

Nnenia - Defensive Driving Review - GA

The class was Straight to the point and easy to follow.

Lauryn - great course

easy to navigate, quick to finish with important information

COURTNEY - Georgia Defense Driving Course

Enjoyed the course.
There were check points to keep me engaged and video to help drive the point home.

Latara - Course Review

This course allowed me to learn more about GA driving laws that I did not know. I really enjoyed the class.

Rodney - Very self explanatory easy to use

Awesome program very easy to use and understand

Kendal - Great

Big help needed to get my licenses back

Brandie - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Great course, very knowledgeable and easy to understand.

Karla - GDDC

Great course to use as a remedial method to update your driving education.

Bryanna - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

I found the course to be very informative.

Aiyanah - Aiyanah- Georgia defensive driving course review

very helpful course for anyone looking to learn more about georgia laws.

Brittany - Brittany M. - Defensive Driving Course Review

This course was very easy to navigate and was very informative.

MIKE - Georgia Defensive Driving

Very informing and enlightening.  Would be great for all drivers to take.

Carlos - Carlos-Defensive Drivers Course

The course was very informative and very user friendly.

Nancy - Great Class

It is always good to review the rules of the road

Dalton - Awesome course

It was super informative and the format was easy to work and fun to complete

Edgardo - 6hr driving course

It was very helpful, and refreshing to my memory, well worth taking this course!!

Prashant - defensive driving course

it was nice to get all the knowledge

Leslie - Defensive driver course

This course was very valuable not just for  insurance discount but for safety interest and knowledge.

Jonathon - Heath - Georgia Defensive Driving Course Review

Awesome way of getting a refresher and staying on top of all the laws available.

Colleen - Georgia Defensive Driving Course Review

Very informational, like that I can go at my own pace.

Kerri - Defensive Driving Course

This course was easy to follow and helped me refresh my driving skills

Lenwood - Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course!! Easy to read and understand.

Ryan - Georgia defensive driving review

The course was great, the videos helped break up the text portions and the pages were not crammed with information making it hard to read.

Rayon - Defensive driving course

Best website for defensive driving courses

Donna - Great Refresher

This course was a great refresher and engaging.  The format was easy to navigate and

Ellis - taught me some good tips on driving

This course was very helpful, in explaining the rules, and laws of driving.
thank you

Nichole - Very easy and thorough

You are asked questions every couple of pages and those same questions are the ones on the test, so by the time you are done with the course you have already answered all the questions once with no penalty, so it makes it so easy to learn and remember.

REGIA - Georgia Defensive Driving Course Review

Excellent course, very insightful and educational!

Michelle - NHSA defensive driving course

Easy to navigate the site.  Information was easily located and read.  Questions were fair and reflected the info that is needed.

CAMRYN - Great Driving Course!

Loved the learning style and pacing of the course!

William - Very Comprehensive

Very Comprehensive and well organized

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